Day School

Students are assigned to classes based on age and developmental level.  They can work for example in Math in the 3rd grade, while in 1st grade for English Language Arts. Each student is tested when enrolled in our school and at the start of each school year. The teacher determines the ideal pace for every pupil. At the bottom of this page, you will find our handbook with more detailed information.

Elementary Grades

Students in this grade level typically function anywhere from K till 3rd grade. This grade is very hands on with frequent 5 minute breaks. Important focus is laying the foundation in Math, reading, and comprehension.  Also, they work on social skills and enlarging their attention span through metronome-based sensory training. Unfinished work for the day is homework. Our students learn fast that hard work is the strategy to avoid homework!

Middle Grades

These students have 3rd till 7th grade work in general. They work hands on when needed. Learning information by heart, insight in subject matter, comprehension and social skills are important focus points. Increasing proper brain function through metronome-based sensory training is part of their curriculum as well. Again, unfinished work for the day is homework.

Highest Grades

This group works at least at 8th grade level. They are preparing for college. They get homework every day. Apart from the regular subjects, they will work on study skills, how to handle social situations, health and fitness, and so forth.

Transition Grade

Some students need more time to grow. Until they turn 23, this school has a place for them. We will help them prepare for their next step in life. Academics and life skills are part of their school day. There are different scenarios for their future. Talk to us about the different options.




  • Academic mornings: fundamental skills in reading and math and physical writing skills are our priority. These are facilitated through metronome—based activities to enhance brain development.

  • Field Trips: every afternoon and an occasional full day, we take our students out for fun activities. These include bowling, swimming, zoo, museums, ceramics, and so forth.

After School Program

Like our day school, students work on fundamentals through metronome-based exercises. The goal is to build a rock solid foundation in academics and social skills.

To maximize improvement, we require a minimum of two days of attendance per week (Monday - Thursday). Half an hour homework help, if necessary, is included. Fridays, we end the week with a field trip.


One-on-one sessions are available upon request.P